Simonas Pham

Photographed by Rainer Suck

We always like to find out how people got into the industry, whether it found them or vice versa. How did you become interested in modelling? Were you scouted?

So I had never been into modelling and had no idea about all the industry – about fashion at all. I even went to CK casting in New York and I wrote on my post “Calvin Clein or Kalvin Clein casting today”. So I was born & raised in Lithuania and I was at uni and at that time my girlfriend invited me to a Lithuanian fashion week. So first year I went there and the line was sooo long that my parking ticket expired so I left to pay it and guess what? When I come back – casting is done. So the next year she takes me again and this time all designers pick me and then I did Lithuanian fashion week – then agencies noticed me and that’s how it all began. 

What are three interesting facts about you? 

I am studying law and its my last year.

I always say the truth even if people dont like it and it might be harsh.

I never listen to no one except my own heart. 

What is a shoot that sticks in your memory?

I have had a lot of great shoots and I remember them all. But of course the biggest shoot so far was for Versace campaign. When Donatella arrived with the security – people were lost and excited and a bit had fear in their eyes. She came to me and introduced herself – that was an amazing moment. And then she and Helena Christensen were standing talking and when I asked someone from the Versace crew: “Can I ask for a picture?” Response was: ”We don’t know maybe better don’t”. I didn’t listen and went – interrupted two fashion industries icons, legends conversation for a picture. Guess what??? Donatella Versace & Helena Christensen were super friendly and sweet. We had a conversation and then did a backstage shoot.

How would you describe your style?

It’s more free and simple. I prefer looking simple but good. And I don’t like to spend money on clothes – the more clothes you have – the bigger problem is to choose.

What do you think the biggest misconception about the industry?

That models are “stupid” “dumb” and etc. It is not true because every person is smart in their own way and field. Also models travel so much – they meet so many people, experience so many different cultures. So we have rich experience which most of people don’t get. Also as I mentioned everyone is good in their own field so if you ask doctor or architect about certain things in fashion industry – he will know only rumours – stereotypes and nothing more, so models also can say that those people are stupid and dont know a thing right? So as I mentioned before – we are all good at something and we can’t put certain labels on. 

Are there any places that you would love to visit?

Yes I am dreaming about going to Brasil. I have met a lot of people from there and I am very curious and waiting for moment to go there. 

What is some advice that you’d give the next generation of models coming up?

My advice would be always stay yourself, be humble, and believe in yourself. As models we get rejected from clients and jobs many times and it’s normal. Just stay on the path you choose and believe – good things will happen then. 

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